The Simple Deliciousness of Grapes

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits to eat as a snack. In fact, I am having a large bowl of them now after a good walk.


I particularly enjoy seedless sweet and sour green grapes. I also love the the cotton candy and muscat varieties.
Cotton candy grapes are sweeter than your typical green grape and they have an initial taste that's slightly like the flavor of cotton candy. They are great for incorporating into desserts because of that extra sweetness they have.


Some Muscat grapes (which belong to a huge family of grape varieties) are sweet grapes that are usually made for making a vast assortment of Moscato wines. I personally enjoy Moscato wines on the rare occasion.

There are so many kinds of Muscat grapes. The ones I often get in the store are green with a tinge of red or pink to them. And they, like many of their siblings, tend to have a characteristic floral aspect to their flavor due to containing organic compounds called monoterpenes. Some even have a peachy or citrusy note, while others, when aged for wines, can have a rustic, earthy, coffee, raisin-like, figgy or toffee flavor.


Grapes are especially delicious to eat when they are frozen. They become natural frozen treats.


I came across a simple recipe idea that takes advantage of their frozen sumptuousness. You might want to give this a try sometime. It's healthy, too. No need to a add sugar.


Green grape sorbet.


The dessert only requires 1-2 ingredients.


Frozen green grapes are the main ingredients, of course, but some recipes like to include a little lemon juice.


I even think that a smidgen of salt could make the delicate sweet flavor with the sourness pop even more. Just as long as you put very little and not overpower the flavor profile.


You just need to make sure that the grapes you pick are very sweet and of good quality to begin with.



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