Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas

Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Phurbas

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These are Indo-Tibetan Buddhist spiritual blades also known as phurbas. These phurbas are made of pure brass and copper metals and are handmade (not factory-made) in Nepal by local Buddhist artisans.

As a result, each blade has natural and slight variations from one another.
Phurbas are a Tibetan Buddhist ritual tool. They are considered to be a mandala and representatio of the universe or body of a deity.  These phurbas have three sides, a pointed end, a top (crown), knots, and a face.

Although these are called blades or daggers, the end is not sharp like a knife, although it is capable of puncturing. It is meant to vertically pierce downward into and consecrate the soft ground during Buddhist ceremonies and rituals.
The top, called the hat or crown, is meant to represent, accept or give blessings. It is considered the transmission point.

The end (as well as the face on the blade) is considered "wrathful". The wrath usually represents Vajrakilaya, a wrathful deity who removes obstacles. It can also represent other deities of wrath.

The three sides each have special symbolic meanings and represent several things.
  • Three Worlds -  Also called Trailoky, the three planes of existence. These three worlds are united by the handle of the phurba, the "world axis".
  • Three Poisons - Moha (delusions and confusion), Raga (greed and attachment) and Dvesha (hatred and harmful intentions)
  • Three Remedies - Meant to cure the the three Poisons. Prajna (truth and wisdom), Dana (non-attachment and generosity) and metta (love and kindness)
  • Conversion and transformation of the three Poisons with the three remedies
  • Purity in body, mind and speech
Phurbas are traditionally meant to be only used by Shamans or skilled and capable spiritual practitioners during rituals. Many everyday people nowadays, who are spiritually-inclined, use these for their own spiritual purposes and designs.

General guide on how to use the phurba:

First meditate, second, say a grounding and disciplined chant or prayer related to the intention of the phurba, and then invite spiritual energy, an obstacle-removing deity or clear and specific energy to enter the phurba.  Stab the phurba into soft ground or a bowl of rice or grain, and imagine that negative energies represented by the blade's obstacle-removing sides are beneath the blade.

For the intention of indoor use, an enduring and full bowl of grain (usually rice) is ideal.

You can also use a phurba in home decor, a meditation room, as an altar accessory or even as a talisman to hang around your neck. Loop a sturdy fabric necklace cord through the top of the phurba to hang from your neck.

Dimensions and weight:
  • -6.25" in length
  • -0.75" in diameter
  • -Around 86g in weight