About Dream Lantern

Dream Lantern believes in holistic health, spiritual exploration, childlike wonder, light-seeking, and authenticity. We believe that everyone has a unique life path to discover and explore.

Purposeful tools and symbolic decorum can be agents in the establishment of mental and emotional well being. Well-being is tied to cultivating harmony with and within our surroundings.

The Dream Lantern shop offers an array of goods that can assist in achieving such harmony:

  • Crystals and stones to balance your chakras, channel energies and beautify your surroundings
  • Sacred herb burnables such as smudge bundles & incense to accompany meditation, provide cleansing and purification and clear and call upon positive energies in various surroundings
  • Bowls, dishes, treasure jars and other vessels for home décor, spiritual intentions, and trinket and crystal storage 
  • Candles to set meditative, calming and purposeful moods (coming soon)
  • Distinctive jewelry for self-expression and style
  • Tarot cards and other divinatory tools to enhance and command intuition (coming soon) 
  • Custom subscription boxes inspired by nature, the seasons and purposes (coming soon)
  • Bath & beauty products for personal care and well being (coming soon)
  • Art prints and illustrations that speak to your inner child (coming soon)

Iridescence and light are core and symbolic themes for our shop and Dream Lantern's philosophy.

What is iridescence?

Iridescence is a lustrous and prismatic display of hues which changes at different angles and reflections of light.

We believe that people can be iridescent. Each person has the potential to radiate multifaceted depth in mind, body and spirit. Every experience in life allows us to express many layers of our core and evolve, therefore setting cycles of continuous transformation in constant motion.

Iridescence is alluring and bright and every instance of its display is unique and wondrous, just like we each are.

Light is the embodiment of revelation and sight. With light, our life paths are revealed, we see truths, and we reach various states of enlightenment. In order for there to be light, we go through undercurrents of shadow work.

Lanterns are vessels used to emit light and lanterns are often beautiful and stylish symbols and metaphors of dreams, stories and fantasies. Genies, superheroes, magical cultural festivals, princes and princesses, myths, legends, fables and more have all been lantern-based inspirations from the collective human consciousness.

In Dream Lantern's shop, we hope that through the selection and purchase of our goods, we can inspire you to dream, find your own path, seek and shine light, and express your authentic, iridescent self.