Can I pick up my order from Dream Lantern?

  • Dream Lantern currently does not have a physical shop location. It is currently a home-based business with a private production and merchandizing space. All orders are paid for and shipped through an online purchasing process through Dreamlantern.net and accompanying business social media platforms.

Can I return an item?

How long are shipping times?

  • Goods are shipped anytime within 1-3 days of purchase.

Are all items in your shop vegan-friendly and cruelty-free?

  • All items are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free in our shop. Cruelty-free covers ethical human labor conditions through which the crystals in the shop are mined and sourced. To the best of our ability and knowledge, we do business with distributors and suppliers that are family-owned mine operations and both local and overseas companies, and their agents, that have respected reputations in the crystal and gem industry. Our supply list is constantly being updated and screened and we value having good and respectable relations with our suppliers. It is important that we do business with good people.

Are the crystals and stones in your shop real?

  • All of the stones and crystals sold from Dream Lantern are genuine crystals, unless otherwise outright and transparently specified (e.g. resin, glass, orgonite). All stones are quality selected from our suppliers.

Can I use the stones in your shop to treat mental and physical illnesses?

  • None of the stones and other goods in our shop are intended to be used as medical aids and/or to diagnose, prevent and treat an illness. Dream Lantern, therefore does not promise or guarantee any medical benefits or results from our goods. The information provided for each good is meant to bring awareness to existing, long-held, varying spiritual beliefs and opinions on metaphysical properties of a variety of gems, minerals, stones and other popular metaphysical goods.
  • If you are in need of mental health and other medical assistance, please consult with a physician and mental health professional.