Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine
Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine
Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine
Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine
Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine

Little Triple Moon Plates - Green Aventurine

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These are delightful and cute plates shaped into the triple goddess or triple moon symbol.

*All three plates have been uniquely marked down in price since there are small defects visible on the body of the stones.

The material of these plates is Green Aventurine, known as the "Stone of Opportunity".

It is a variety of green aventurine from Pakistan. It is known for its lush green color that can range from muted sage greens to deep leafy greens. However, the hallmark texture of green aventurine is grainy (subtle or stark in appearance) and full of shimmery inclusions called mica. The shimmery effect is called aventurescence. Spotted areas of the stone are often semi-translucent, as well.

Green aventurine symbolizes good luck, wealth, prosperity, intelligence, creativity, broad perception, opportunities, success, fortune, abundance, growth, strength, calmness, connections, emotional protection, decision-making, leadership, holistic pursuits, relaxation and revitalization.

It is aligned with the heart chakra, the elements of water and earth, the season of spring and the zodiac signs of Cancer and Virgo.

Each plate loosely around 5.25"(L) x 2.5" (W) x 0.5" (H) and between 136g - 176g.

They have a slightly shallow dip in the center. So they can be categorized as small plates or bowls and they can hold small items such as jewelry pieces, crystal tumbles, beads and so forth.

They can also be used as sphere holders/stands for spheres that are small to medium in size. They make a wonderful and unique sphere display, especially for altar spaces, curio cabinets, crystal display shelves and more.

    The triple moon symbol is a well-known pagan or Wiccan symbol which represents the three phases of the lunar (moon) cycle, the goddess trinity:

    • Waxing Crescent Moon
    • Full Moon
    • Waning Crescent moon

    These phases of the moon also correspond to the life cycle or stages of a woman or the goddess. There are many expressions of triple goddess deities and symbolism among various cultures and beliefs throughout history:

    • Maiden - stage of development, the season of spring, purity, new beginnings, growth, learning, enthusiasm, sunrise, daybreak, youth, lessons, awakening, exploration, absorption, curiosity. discovery, creativity, expression, innocence
    • Mother - stage of fertility, production, identity, confidence, abundance, fulfillment, life, prosperity, nurture, protection, power, manifestation, responsibility, stability, fruitful connections, sensuality, sexuality, dynamic expression, the season of summer
    • Crone - stage of wisdom, maturation, death, rebirth, acceptance, endings, knowledge, transference, transformation, ascendancy, self-reliance, assurance, the season of autumn and winter, guidance, intuition, vision, teaching, matriarch

    These plates can be used for spiritual intentions, rituals, meditations, prayers, symbolic home decor, offered as gifts, or even creatively made into large, hanging, wire-wrapped, necklace pendants.