Green Onyx Tree
Green Onyx Tree

Green Onyx Tree

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This is a pretty green onyx tree stone carving from Pakistan.

Pakistan "green onyx" is actually a distinctive green banded calcite, which is known for its semi-transparent, lime-sage green hue throughout, and banding, layering and vein formations of translucent whites, rich creams, avocado greens, honeys, caramels, and praline browns.

The material is absolutely wonderful to look at in any form.

Green onyx is often associated with sophistication, luxury, protection and cleansing. Shades of green onyx are believed to engender and symbolize restfulness, purity, peacefulness, tension relief, mental strength, sagacity, fertility, and prosperity.

It is associated with the heart chakra and the planet mercury.

This tree is custom made, can stand up horizontally or lie flat, and is great for home décor, spiritual tools of intention, an impressive gift for fellow crystal and tree lovers, and much more. 

Trees symbolize growth, life, connections, wisdom, prosperity, fertility, longevity, peace, nurture, protection, friendship, nature, masculine (trunk) and feminine (branches) duality, strength, stability, grounding, and care.

This will make a valuable and beautiful addition to any crystal collection.

Dimensions and weight:
  • Weight: 126g
  • Height: 4.625in
  • Thickness: 0.688in
  • Width: 1.81in (widest part)